The nineties,for me, was filled with a ton of grunge, power pop and old fashion Rock and Roll but I cant neglect some of the more folksy side of things with today’s album. When Sheryl Crow arrived on the music scene it was unlike much of anything we had heard until that point. Here was a gorgeous woman with a powerful voice and a talent with guitar that could rival even some of the best blues artists. She could play anything, from guitar to even the accordion and she was incredible at them all. Tuesday Night Music Club was that first taste from a woman who would become one of music’s best.

Why This Album?

tuesday album 1

I remember when this album came out and the first single made it’s way to MTV with ‘All I Wanna Do’. It was 1993 and I was hip deep in the grunge movement so hearing this amazing voice come out of no where was shocking to say the least. Here was a woman who was straight out honest with her lyrics, channeling a little bit of Tom Petty in her style she was raw but polished at the same time. It wasn’t long before the album found its way into my collection, likely another one via Columbia House music. (Man I spent a ton with them in those days.)

I will be honest, I kept my love for Sheryl Crow a secret guilty pleasure in high-school as those I hung out with were more into Nirvana, and the Seattle sound. Occasionally I would slip and sing along with one of her popular tracks and quickly played it off as a lark. When I got home, however, Sheryl was on the player on a regular basis. There was something about her lyrics and voice that really hit me the right way, speaking directly to me as my music to drown my sorrows in. By the time high-school was ending, I had given up all pretenses and embraced my love for Crow, finding that many of my grunge friends secretly felt the same way.

Her vocals are as raw as is the accompanying music, making the album almost feel like a jam session caught on tape. The album itself comes across as a secret that was leaked to the world, giving it a unique quality that has never been captured again in any of her numerous albums to come. Although she has proven herself to be an accomplished musician, it seems that her debut album captured a raw and pure version that became distilled over time, never to taste the same again. I cant blame her for evolving but this is one of the most pure unfiltered albums of it’s time, really showcasing the range this performer had in ways that could never be captured again.

Every time I put this album on, I am transported to the mid nineties, a teen with no clue of the future that was to come. It reminds me of the innocence we had and the fun we made. It reminds me of better times and of tough times, but most of all, it reminds me that those times made me who I am today.

Favorite Tracks

This is one of the most heart breaking and heart warming songs ever written. Strong Enough is pure magic.

The Na-Na song is just plain fun.

Of course, All I Wanna Do. Damn man, the first time I heard this I was trapped. It still makes me feel like I am a kid again every time I hear it.

Ok, Where do I get it?

This is one of those albums that you can find pretty much anywhere thanks to Columbia house music. It was a huge release and you’ll likely find it pretty cheap in your favorite music shop right now. If you want to buy one, check here, they tend to get them in on the regular for around $4. Otherwise, there is always Spotify.

Late to the Game 3/26/19

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