Influenced by the 90’s riot grrrl scene, Corin Ticker, Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss formed what would become one of the most influential female driven indie rock bands of their time.  Starting in 1994, Sleater-Kinney would release seven albums over a decade and then,simply vanish.    It would not be until nearly 10 years later that the trio would reunite with all of the power they had, but with a little more life experience behind their songs.

Why This Album?


I had never really been a fan of Sleater-Kinney in their heyday of the nineties but I didn’t actively avoid them either.  They were one of those bands that, when I heard them I liked their songs but, for some reason they never went past a song or two in my collection.  Maybe it was the fact that, when they arrived on the scene, I was already moving into other music or just that the small town I was in really didn’t have a great indie rock station.  Nevertheless,  even though I knew they existed,  they didn’t really hit me hard until their album entitled No Cities to Love was released.

It’s a funny musing many people have thinking of how a band of their youth would sound all grown up, and with this album, it shows that sometimes, life experience just makes those bands all the better.  No Cities to Love takes the growling sound of their 90’s rock and combines it with the daily problems of a parent in the modern age.  From simple subjects concerning getting stuck in traffic, to adult realization that it is not the places you live you fall for, but the people around you that make those places worth while.

Every track on this album is flawless in it’s rock and roll execution.  As if the trio traveled back in time and captured that essential 90’s sound but with the additional decade of life behind them,  Corin, Carrie and Janet come out of the gate with one of the best albums of 2015.  Every song, every note and every lick on the album is perfect making this an incredible experience from beginning to end.  I love that these middle aged musicians have come back with such a power and ferocity proving that, no matter how old you get, you can still rock if you want to.

Favorite Tracks

The Title Track,  No Cities to Love is exquisite.  Just give it a listen and you will agree.

No Anthems is a cool track with slight references to School House Rock and the confirmation that they don’t need to be a symbol to be bad ass.

Bury Our Friends touches on the fact that we all grow old but that only makes us stronger and more powerful as we bury our friends and exhume our idols.



Ok, Where do I get it?

All in all, this is a must own.  You can grab a copy here for about $15 or give it a go on Spotify.  Either way,  give it a listen,  I think you might find a new band to love.

If you like this one, I would recommend diving into their discography.  Let me say, I am a little disappointed in my past self for letting this band get by me.

Late to the Game 5/21/19

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