Growing up, one band that I loved but could never explain why was The B52’s.   They were insane, they were fun and boy did they have some catchy songs.  One thing remained with the band though,  there was a single song that stood out to me that made me wonder why they didn’t do more in that style.  The song was Roam and it was sung in part by the performer of today’s Stand Out Album Kate Pierson.

Why This Album?

kate cover

There was something amazing about Roam that made me wish for more from Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson, but sadly those tracks were far in few between being overwhelmed by the insanely energetic Fred Schneider.  It wasn’t until a few years back that I found out Kate herself had recorded her own solo album and boy was I excited.

Tracking down the album, I discovered an incredible collection of songs of empowerment, hope and love. Channeling her 80’s pop sensibilities, There is not a bad song on this album, each featuring the amazing voice of Kate herself.  She has an energy about her that defies her age making her sound forty years younger than she really is.  I am constantly astonished with each spin that this is not a lost album from decades ago making it almost tragic that she has not been recording solo albums all these years.   Kate Pierson proves that the ladies of the B-52’s were indeed the real talent behind that quirky 80’s band.

I really hope she releases a few more of these gems in the coming years and I hope I get the chance to see her perform them live as well.

Favorite Tracks

The opening track is perfect.  Throw Down the Roses throws down the gauntlet telling the world that she knows who she is and she doesn’t need anyone else to be that person.

Time Wave Zero is a song that channels the 80’s in such a perfect way, you would almost think it was a lost b-side from one of her previous band’s albums.  It is such a delight, one that will have you clapping and singing along with the chorus.


The Title Track, Guitars and Microphones, is also a joy of 80’s fun.  Kate shows that she has it still and man is this one fun.

Ok, Where do I get it?

This one is available here for about $15 and of course on Spotify.  If you like the B-52’s or just love a great female singer who has a tremendous voice,  give this one a go.  Kate has it still and this solo album is long over due.

Late to the Game 5/28/19

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