Typically the Stand Out Albums series has been about albums from my past that have meant something to me or just really had a significant impact in my life.  Many times these albums are some that I associate with key moments in my life or one’s that remind me of certain places or people.  Sometimes however, a new album comes along that just begs to be discussed.  That is the case today with the latest effort from Lindsey Stirling entitled Artemis.

Why this album?


I have talked about Lindsey Stirling’s work before with my review of her self titled album from 2012.  Introduced to me via a friend, I immediately found her work to be a stunning combination of EDM and classical music blending the electronic sounds with her incredible violin work. Since the release of that album, Stirling has released several other incredible works that have varied from her unique dubstep style to even embracing a slightly more traditional Christmas Album.

I was delighted to discover recently, via my regular use of Spotify, that Stirling had released a new album. Starting it during my commute to work one morning I found my the album to be almost the perfect soundtrack to inspire and delight as I made my way to my day job.  Filled with energy and power throughout, this album finds a way to worm it’s way into your very being inspiring a level of confidence and empowerment that is usually only reserved for superheroes.

Stirling is an unbridled talent and, like the namesake of this album, uses a bow to create some of the most impactful music you will hear.  She has a raw power behind her that is readily apparent with every note and every track on this album, a power that is seemingly unstoppable. Every track on this album feels like a soundtrack for a truly epic movie franchise and one that I would love to see one day. From the more somber tracks to the hard hitting epic arrangement,  her signature blend of EDM and classical music has somehow improved since her self titled 2012 album and you can literally feel the difference.  Where the 2012 album was powerful and thought provoking, Artemis will simply blow your mind and leave you begging for more.

Favorite Tracks?

I honestly can not think of a single track that I can consider my favorite. This is not an album where you should listen to a single track, this is an album that demands to be listened to from start to finish and back again.  It will mesmerize you, inspire you and take you to places you forgot existed.

If you want a taste, this is the opening track entitled Underground.  If this doesn’t get you wanting more, I really don’t know what will. Turn up your volume, up the bass a touch and just let her music into your soul.  You will not regret it.

Ok, where do I get it?

This one literally just came out a few weeks ago and I highly recommend picking up a copy where ever you can. You can grab a physical copy here from Amoeba Music or just pop on Spotify like I did.  The next time she comes through town on tour, I will have to take the time to see her live in concert.  If her music is this impactful over my speakers, I can’t imagine what it would be like in person.

Late to the Game 9/17/2019

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