Some albums define a generation, others are great representations of the music of that time period.  Throwing Copper is of the latter, capturing a great moment in music with what is possibly a perfect album.

Why This Album?

throwing copper

When Live arrived on the scene they made a heavy impact with their second album Throwing Copper in 1994.  It would not be long before everyone knew their hits from Lightning Crashes to I Alone making Live almost a household name in the mid nineties. Everyone that was into alternative rock would talk about this new band and their incredible music and I was one of them.

Of course, we all head of this band via the music videos and radio play of some of their biggest hits starting with the well produced song Selling the Drama.  There was something about this song that came across like a harder version of R.E.M. and I liked it. Before long the next single arrived by the name of I Alone, and soon followed by the emotionally impactful song and video Lightning Crashes.  Before long, I knew I needed to own this album.

I remember getting this particular CD in the mail via Columbia House Music.  My dad and I made a deal to split the costs of the agreement allowing both of us to go halfsies on the 10 free albums that were being offered.  Pulling off the stickers I placed this one among others onto the sheet ad patiently awaited it’s arrival.  Upon it’s arrival I don’t think this album left my disc-man for weeks on end.

The album itself, as I mentioned above, comes across as a harder more Rock version of R.E.M. but with a 90’s alternative flair.  It is solid and impactful all the while being subtle and gentle.  Singer Ed Kowalczyk has a powerful voice that is only reinforced by the incredible members making up the rest of the band.  Everyone seems to be on point giving this album their very best effort without a down moment in any track.  Overall it is a powerful album that sounds unlike anything you would ever expect.  The range from hard rock to melancholic ballads are something incredible to experience.  It has since become a staple of the 90’s and is a great example of some of the finest alternative rock of that decade.

Favorite Tracks

While the singles are epic songs in their own right, I want to introduce you to a few of the tracks people tend to forget.

Shite Towne:  The story that is told in this song is fascinating.  Most everyone sees the town they grew up in as a place they have to get away from and this song give those feelings a voice.  It talks about how you are surrounded by a shit town and are ready to just get out.



Waitress:  This one is pretty relevant even today.  Dealing with perception and how everyone is struggling with something so you should treat people good, no matter how they treat you. Everybody’s good enough for some change.





All Over You:  This one is just too good and almost comes across as an 80’s rock ballad but then really rocks it out.




Finally, White, Discussion: Just listen to it.  It’s pretty heavy but great.


In truth, this is one of those albums that is diminished by pulling single songs from it and I highly recommend listening to it uninterrupted from start to finish. You will thank me later.

Ok, Where do I get it?

I don’t see this one ever going out of print and you can get it here for around $15.  I really recommend giving it a go as it is one of the best of the 90’s showing just how good that decade was in the music scene.  You can also listen via Spotify.

If you like this one, I highly recommend their followup Secret Samadhi.  It is pretty incredible.

Late to the Game 10/29/2019

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