Coming soon from Tricoast Entertainment, The Boonies is the latest from Writer/Director Brad T Gottfred arriving on digital platforms on November 11th.


Boonies Poseter
image courtesy of Tricoast Entertainment

Inspired by the classic teen adventures of the 80’s, The Boonies is a modern coming of age story that explores what happens when five former friends reunite to find a treasure left behind by a fallen former friend.

Following three simple rules, Stick together, No dying, and Confess your greatest secret,
the teens must find their way through a booby-trapped high school in order to discover the fortune left for them to find.

Starring Andi Matichak (Halloween), Calum Worthy (The Act), Emilio Garcia-Sanchez (The Society), Cody Ko, Lauren Elisabeth and Amy-Marie Gaertner, this film promises to be a nostalgic adventure to remember.

Check out the exclusive Trailer from Filmisnow!

TriCoast Entertainment will release THE BOONIES onto digital streaming platforms Nov. 11th (Amazon, InDemand, DirecTV, Hoopla, FANDANGO, Vimeo on Demand, Sling/Dish).

Be sure to come back for our full review later this week!

Late To The Game 10/29/2019

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THE BOONIES (2019, 87 min.) Directed and written by: Brad T. Gottfred. Producers: Corey Moss, Jason Berger, Amy Laslett, Sarah Dignan, Gottfred. Editors: Mark Marraccini, Monet Malek. Cinematography: Tobias Deml. USA, English. Bold Soul Studios, Complex Networks, TriCoast Entertainment.

Produced by: Bold Soul Studios, Complex Networks, Kids At Play.

About Bold Soul Studios: Bold Soul Studios is a development and production company focused on youth-driven features and series, both long form and short, scripted and unscripted. The Studio City-based company was founded by producer/digital video veteran Corey Moss and filmmaker/young adult novelist Brad T. Gottfred. Bold Soul Studios recently premiered You’re Not a Monster, the first IMDb scripted/animated series, starring Kelsey Grammer, Eric Stonestreet and Ellie Kemper, and have produced multiple features, as well as content for Fuse, AwesomenessTV and Ranker.

About TriCoast Entertainment: TriCoast Entertainment is a premium Domestic Distributor, representing the best of US and international films: in theaters, on VOD, on DVD and TV. Sister company to TriCoast Worldwide and TriCoast Studios, the company is located at the TriCoast Studio facility in Culver City, Los Angeles. Founded by: Strathford Hamilton and Marcy Levitas Hamilton.

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