Since we covered the original Pet Sematary last week I figured it would only be proper to cover the largely ignored sequel to the 1989 classic.

Today’s Key Movie:

After witnessing the accidental death of his mother, Jeff Mathews and his father move to Ludlow Maine where he Jeff learns about the tragic story of the Creed Family and the cursed ground known as The Pet Sematary.  Drawn to it’s dark Magic, Jeff and his new friends begin to explore the cursed grounds inviting an evil into their lives that threatens to destroy them all.

Why this movie?

After the blockbuster film Terminator 2, every one of us loved Edward Furlong and were excited for any new film he was in.  So when we heard that he was coming back for a new film AND it was a sequel to one of my favorite horror flicks, I was all in from the get go.  My dad and I were sticklers for horror films and there was no way we were going to miss this one, so, as soon as it arrived on VHS, we had it home ready to watch,

I still remember seeing this film for the first time expecting this to be a wonderful followup to the already classic Pet Sematary, boy it was not what I was expecting it to be.

You like it, but is it really a ‘good’ movie?

pet sematary two 1

Now, to say it is a bad film is a little harsh but I can’t say it’s a good one either.  The plot is simple, after Jeff makes friends with a local boy named Drew, Drew asks his help in burying his dead dog Zowie in the legendary Indian Burial ground from the first film.  You see, the story of the Creeds has become something of an urban legend in the town and Drew thinks that he can bring his dog back even if it means he comes back wrong.  They are all surprised when the dog comes back wounded and obviously changed.  Things, of course, go from bad to worse when Drew’s abusive father Gus (played by Clancy Brown)  is killed by Zowie.  Of course Gus is then buried in the Pet Sematary as well and when he comes back he too is ‘not right’.  I won’t get any deeper into this but everyone in this film seems to be only good at one thing, making bad decisions.  I mean, even Jeff’s father, a professional Veterinarian, can’t tell that Zowie is essentially a Zombie Dog which makes me wonder if his excuse to move to Maine wasn’t to get his son away from LA like he claimed but because he was just a terrible vet who was run out of town.

pet sematary two 4

The sad thing about the film is that it has all the makings of a good flick.  From a wonderful cast to some genuinely good special effects, this should have been a slam dunk. From newcomer Edward Furlong to the always incredible Clancy Brown the cast is solid throughout.  Even Director Mary Lambert, who directed the original film, came back to helm this one but for some reason the magic she brought with her in the original was not something that could be duplicated.  The only thing really going for it is the classic 90’s soundtrack with bands like L7 and The Jesus and Mary Chain filling it’s ranks.  Sadly it genuinely feels like the producers only selected those bands to appeal to a certain subset of fans in order to attract those, like me, who were into the early 90’s grunge scene at the time.

pet sematary two 2

Bottom Line, this is not a good film.  Sure it has it’s moments but this was probably a film that Edward Furlong regrets after the great role he had along side Arnold in T2. Even as a kid I could tell that this wasn’t even worthy of cult status feeling more like a somewhat decent episode of Ray Bradbury Presents than a fully developed feature film.  In many ways, I guess they should have listened to old Jud Crandall when they were thinking about bringing this one back from the grave, Sometimes Dead is indeed Better.

OK, where do I get this movie?

You can grab a copy of this one for less that $10 here or pretty much anywhere digital films are sold.  If you like campy horror films with little to no coherent plot, you will not be dissapointed in this one but if you are expecting anything like the original, you might want to look elsewhere.

As usual, here is the trailer:

Late To The Game 4/16/2020

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