Life is all about decisions.  Every day you choose the path you are going to take that day, you choose to wake on time or sleep in, you choose to eat or skip breakfast, you choose to work or call in sick, you choose the person next to you or to pursue something new.  Every move you make is a choice that directs where you will be an hour, a day, a year  or even ten years later.  This film is all about choices and how sometimes you make one bad decision that leads you into a seemingly unstoppable spiral.

The Story

Nicholas Heirs (Carter) is fresh from a ten year stint in prison and is determined to find a way to prevent from going back in.  However, the streets he left have too many temptations and Nicholas finds it hard to return to the life he had before making his first bad decision.  Starring  Cody N. Carter, Chris Cream , Carlo Campbell , Dominic King , Robert Dobson and Deja Gilmore, Last Shot is a raw story about life as a former inmate and how hard it is to return to society.

The Breakdown


The directorial debut of Terrence Arlyn , Last Shot is a genuine and impactful story that deals with someone trying to find a second chance in life.  Arlyn does a decent job setting up a tale that is full of hard luck, tough choices and difficult situations. Last Shot moves well at first following Nicholas (Cody N. Carter) as he struggles in society as an ex-con but sadly stumbles halfway through when the narrative attempts to turn into a loose crime drama involving the murder of some local heavies. There is a powerful story hidden deep in the meandering plot of Last Shot but sadly it never seems to fully emerge like it could have.


This is not to say it is a bad movie or even a bad story as Nicholas’ core tale is a solid one and has some seriously emotional moments.  Cody N. Carter does a good job in the lead role providing moments of genuine emotion, only occasionally slipping into melodrama. It is abundantly clear that he has potential and I look forward to seeing where he ends up. The rest of the cast were a mixed bag but I was particularly impressed with Chris Cream’s depiction of Smack Williams.  Cream is a powerhouse in this role, outshining everyone else when he is on screen and I do hope we see him again in the future.

The Bottom Line


I really wanted to like this movie but though it is obvious Arlyn has a powerful story to tell, Last Shot never seemed to find it’s stride.  Muddled with odd dialogue choices, haphazard story beats and difficult pacing, Last Shot is a movie with a ton of potential that never quite finds the story it wants to tell.  As a first effort, I have to applaud Terrence Arlyn with putting his story to film, it is not an easy process and it is abundantly clear that he cared about the cautionary tale he had to tell. Arlyn had a lot of great ideas in this movie, even pulling together a stellar soundtrack, so I do hope he continues to refine his craft.

If you want to check out this movie for yourself, Last Shot releases on DVD and VOD on August 25th, 2020 where ever videos are sold.  You can also Pre-orderLast Shot here:

Late To The Game 8/22/2020

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