I have been posting this every year since the blog officially started.  9/11 was, to me, the year the US lost it’s mind. Ever since then, much like the victim in a violent relationship, we have tucked ourselves away and started to strike out at those who we held dear.  We are suspect of everyone and no one.  We are still afraid.  In many ways I fear that the terrorists succeeded in what they were trying to do all those years ago, they made us feel unsafe.  That in itself is a horrible tragedy.

I won’t lie, every time I board a plane, my first thought is what I would do in a situation like that of flights 11,175,77 and 93.  I know that the likelihood of such an event happening again are statistically staggering but it is still on my mind every time.

Let’s not get into the hows and whys, or even touch on the results of that tragic day, instead, let’s talk about never forgetting where we were that day that America went insane.  Where was I?

(Originally posted 9/11/2017)

This is one of those days that plays in my mind over and over again. It is something that, even though it happened some 19 years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday.

Where was I? I worked at a feed store in San Antonio that year. I had gone to work that morning not aware of anything going on in the world. You have to remember that social media was barely in its infancy and smartphones didn’t exist at all. I didn’t have television and never listened to the radio so I hadn’t heard a thing. It was later that morning when our book-keeper came in talking about “someone bombing the Pentagon” that we became aware of what had occurred. Of course I thought that was utter nonsense, no one could penetrate that stronghold, even a kite flown over it would get shot out of the sky! But sure enough it, and even more, was true. I cant remember my emotions that day but one thing has stayed with me. Every time someone came in they would look at our security monitor and ask “has the President Landed yet?” We would have to explain that it was a security monitor and not a television, but it happened so often that we gave up and said that we hadn’t heard yet. What a strange day that was. That was the day America went insane. I don’t think we ever recovered. I fear that we never will.

Late To The Game 9/11/20

Photo Credit Dreamforger Studios

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