The Coalition of Planets begins to form and of course xenophobic humans cause problems… Originally broadcast on May 6/13, 2005 this is Demons and Terra Prime.

The Episode:

Captain’s Starlog January 19, 2155

A human/Vulcan hybrid is ‘created’ just before the first meeting to begin discussing the Coalition of Planets and, at the meeting a woman approaches T’Pol with a hair follicle from some unknown person insisting that ‘they are going to kill her’ before dying.  Investigating further, Reed inquires with his Section 31 contact who instructs them to find the child who may be connected to the group known as Terra Prime, there they may find answers. 

Before long it is discovered that this child they are searching for is a hybrid made from Trip and T’Pol’s DNA. Mayweather’s girlfriend reporter turns out to be a spy and things go from bad to worse. Soon  T’Pol and Tucker are captured by John Paxton who is the leader of Terra Prime and he has plans to disrupt the unification of Earth and the rest of the galaxy by showing their strength against Earth. 

Now with Terra Prime demanding all aliens leave Earth or face obliteration, Enterprise does all they can to prevent this attack to ensure the creation of The Coalition of Planets and the future Federation. Tucker and T’Pol learn that a traitor aboard Enterprise obtained the necessary DNA from them, which confirms that there is still a traitor aboard Enterprise. Tucker sabotages Terra Prime’s weapon and T’pol gains access to the child but learns that her daughter is in danger as the genetics used were not fully compatible and need to be repaired.  She also learns that Paxton is a hypocrite in his hatred of aliens as he uses an alien cure for a syndrome that could kill him. 

After disrupting a weapons platform on Mars, which misfires due to Trips adjustments, and staging a daring rescue,  T’Pol and Trip are saved by Enterprise from Terra Prime but the child, now named Elisabeth, is still dying. Phlox does all he can to help her child but Phlox is unable to save her.  After Archer attends the ceremony to found the Coalition of Planets, Tucker and T’Pol plan to hold a ceremony for their daughter where delegates from around the galaxy wish to attend as well.  They sit together as they lament the passing of their only child.

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

I went ahead and combined these episodes since they are both the same story and essentially the penultimate episode of the series.  So, here we go.

I really love how Enterprise has never shied away from the idea of xenophobia among human kind in this series.  Seeing how we currently fight amongst ourselves based on things such as flesh color, it really does make sense that there would be a contingent among humans who would be against anything ‘alien’.  It’s sad but very accurate to how humanity would likely act. 

Now, let’s talk about Elisabeth and the death of the first Human/Vulcan hybrid.  Honestly, I think this in and of itself was a terrible mistake.  Sure, I can see how it was meant to bring Tucker and T’Pol closer together but to essentially end the series with such a deep tragedy is horrible and frankly something that could have been avoided.  Heck, they could have left her fate open and, had there been a fifth season, used some of that to try to save her somehow.  Needless to say, nothing of the sort happens like that so…well…

Overall, for what is essentially a series finale, it’s not bad…unfortunately there was still one more episode…

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

  • You might recognize Peter Weller in the role of John Paxton who would later appear as Admiral Marcus in the JJ Abrams Trek films.  He sure likes playing villains in the Trek universe.
  • You might also recognize Harry Groener as Nathan Samuels, he happened to also be the Principal on the early seasons of Buffy who was replaced by another Trek alumni after his….departure.
  • Colonel Greene (who appears again in the Original Series) is referenced as the inspiration for the Terra Prime organization.  
  • Hoshi gets a taste of command for the first and last time in the series and she is truly worthy of her position. 

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Late To The Game 11/26/2021

You know what would look good on you? A big metal helmet…I don’t know why but I feel like a big metal helmet would be perfect for you.

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