The Lawmaster, a multi-ton heavy armoured death machine with it’s 4000cc V8 Kt3 engine and supreme weapon systems, this is the ultimate ride for the Judges of Mega-city One. Nothing can stop it just as nothing can stop the Judges that ride it. Presented here in 1:12 scale, this is the ultimate accessory for any fan of Judge Dredd who owns the Judge Dredd 1:12 figure I reviewed just last week.

The Box:

Wrapped in a basic blue slip case with the Justice Department logo on the front and photos of the ride on the back , this box is huge and could be mistaken for a 1:6 scale figure box. The slip case pulls off to reveal a gold inner box that shows a classic profile of this heavy ride. Inside you will find two additional boxes, one clearly marked for ‘packing purposes’ and can be ignored*, the other contains the lawmaster itself. Inside you will find some nice packing foam that protects your new purchase. Thankfully they use a nice foam and not styrofoam and it is much cleaner for it. It is VERY collector friendly and easy to repack for storage as well.







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(*note: the packing box is a filler as there is a version of this vehicle that comes with a figure)

What’s Inside:

JD Lawmaster open

Not much, other than the Lawmaster itself and a second set of hands (not pictured) specifically for you 1:12 Dredd to use on the handlebars. Really, what were you expecting? You have NOTHING to build here, just pop some batteries in it and it is ready to go. (it takes four AA by the way and its worth getting them.)



JD Lawmaster 1

Everything on this vehicle is sculpted to perfection. from the heavy weapons to the sharp angles of the shield to even the kickstand it is a clean and well balanced piece. There is nothing extraneous or forgotten on this beast and it is sharp. Even the seat is textured to appear as a rough leather. You will also see some scoring on on various parts that give it that ‘lived in’ feel expected of a ride from Mega-City One.








I honestly cant find any fault here either. The paint job on this beast is clean where it needs to be and dirty where it should be. The tires have wear on them as does the ‘damaged’ armour showing the silver metal beneath. Really Crisp, clean lines and sharp details, in all honestly this is painted better than the Dredd figure himself.

Special Functions:

This is where this vehicle really shines. The buttons to activate the functions are well hidden in the sculpt but, once activated power all of the lights and sound, including the heads up display on the dash itself. I put a video together to give you the full effect of the sounds below as the photos really don’t do it Justice.







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Seriously, check this out:






The wheels turn and the front can go left and right.   Uhm what else did you want?


JD Dredd 7

The is by far one of the coolest pieces made as an accessory for any 6 inch figure.   As soon as I had it out of the box and got my Dredd figure on it, I felt like I was a kid again and it was christmas all over.   Dredd fits beautifully on the bike as it was custom tailored just for him.   It’s a beast and it is amazing in every way.  If you are a fan of Judge Dredd, this is a must own.

Where To Get:

There are two versions of this still available.  You can get it on it’s own for right at $125 or, as I recommend it, with the Dredd figure for only $70 more.   You can get them both here from Mezco.

Thanks for reading my review. You can also find other reviews on my home page and here: One:12 Daredevil and the new 1/6 scale Judge Dredd from ThreeZero

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Late To The Game 12/19/2017

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JD Dredd 8
On the streets!

2 thoughts on “Action Figure Review: Mezco One:12 Judge Dredd Lawmaster Vehicle

  1. You seriously were not kidding when you said I would like this one even better last week. Wow, what an incredibly cool thing this is! Really I wish I had not seen this: I want one as well now lol 😂😂 Great post, and I loved the video you made for it 😊

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