Debuting on the new Disney Plus streaming service, The Mandalorian is the first live action Star Wars television series, it takes place after the fall of the Empire but some years before The First Order, allowing for some major time to grow new characters away from the movie franchise itself. The Mandalorian is centered around a bounty hunter armed in Mandalorian armor who’s name and face so far we have not seen. We know Mandalorian armor is sprinkled throughout the Star Wars series as seen on characters such as Boba Fett and Jango Fett. Although we do not know too much about this particular line, some key details to keep in mind about the Mandalorian are their origin from the planet Mandalore, and their reputation as esteemed warriors and their armor is considered sacred, handed down by generations- fingers crossed, we’ll learn a little bit more about them throughout this riveting series.  The series is set to air eight episodes, the first of which premiered with the unveiling of Disney Plus, and has left many Star Wars fans (myself included) very impressed and excited to see where the show takes us. 

Now let’s take a look at the latest episode.

Episode 2 : The Breakdown

Continuing on from this weeks earlier episode, we follow the Mandalorian bounty hunter and his (adorable) conquest as they begin their journey back to his client. Along the way he encounters quite the problem and enlists the help of his friend Kuill from Episode 1 to get back on his way- little did he know the costs of bargaining ahead of him.

And of course throughout the show some more easter eggs were placed, deepening the awesome connection this show has with the rest of what we love about Star Wars.

Episode 2 : Easter Eggs

Something that certainly looked familiar right off the bat was the “baby Yoda” attempting to use the force to heal his captor (how adorable right?), we recognize this from scenes in previous movies such as Obi Wan attempting to heal Luke in A New Hope- although our cute little bounty isn’t strong enough for this, he later proves himself in the battle between the Mandalorian and Mudhorn with his use of levitation. Not to mention the inclusion of the infamous scavenger Jawa’s in this episode, leading ultimately to his battle with the Mudhorn to have his ship parts returned. What was surprising was the conversation afterwards between Kuill and our bounty hunter- when they attempted to understand how the child made the Mudhorn levitate, neither of them seem to be familiar with this particular characteristic of The Force. This begs the question of if they are aware of The Force at all, being the experienced bounty hunter that The Mandalorian is you’d think he may have encountered it at some point, but based on this maybe not.

Episode 2 : Closing Remarks

Overall this episode was packed with some serious action, and left me more curious about our unmasked bounty hunter and the adorable “baby Yoda”. From the cute power struggle and compassion of our new little green friend, to the humorous chanting Jawas- I have become even more impressed with the show. So far it has touched on so much of what we love about Star Wars while still managing to have a plot that stands on its own. I am hopeful that in the next episode we will find out who exactly this client is, and why he is so intent on having the child- but it is very clear that The Mandalorian is beginning to realize this is no ordinary job.

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Late to The Game 11/18/19

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