Well, we’ve officially entered into the time of year for curling up on the couch with some fuzzy socks and a warm beverage to watch Christmas movies! As December snuck up on us, as did the holiday season- and it’s about time to embrace it. This was made easy for me with the lovely experience of viewing TriCoast Entertainment’s latest animation Finding Santa.

The Digest

The children’s animation revolves around a young boy named Julian, an outsider in the orphanage he resides at who has a love for Christmas. Upon the discovery that the man who runs the orphanage may have been lying about Santa Clause being real, Julians heart is crushed and his peers seem to revel in it. While upset, Julian runs away and finds himself in a secret magical world- and discovers all hope my not be lost just yet.

The Breakdown

Right off the bat, I was in love with the style of animation chosen for Finding Santa. It was an interesting form of what seemed similar to stop-motion animation, reminding me a great deal of the classics such as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (1964) and Santa Clause is Comin’ to Town (1970). It gave it an original spin you don’t see much of with today’s intense animation styles, and it provided a really classic Christmas feel. Another thing I really appreciated about the films production was the tone it conveyed throughout the story. It was the tenderhearted feel that you expect to get from a children’s Christmas story that many of the newer films lack for one reason or another.

In addition to some of the unique style choices the movie used, the story overall was simple enough to both enjoy and follow along with. It is a very fun, lighthearted movie perfect for this time of the season. It ran along about the same track as many Christmas movies do, following an outsider at his lowest point who ends up having to save the day, and also finding his purpose along the way- but what made this different was both the way it was produced and the way the story unravelled as well. The film really encompassed each character well within the scenes, whether they were just a small part or not- and it tied the story together very nicely.

The Wrap Up

Overall, I really enjoyed this cute holiday movie. It had many attractive characteristics that made it stand out, while still maintaining a definitive Christmas movie feel. It touched on a lot of what makes the holidays so special for children and adults alike, whether it be the spirit of the time of year or the magical feeling Christmas time brings around.

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