Are we really on episode four of this season?  Holy moly this series is speeding by!

Anyhow,  the journey to find the Federation continues in this episode  as we learn more about the crew’s latest member and resident Trill(ish), Adira Tal.   Being a Trill/Human hybrid, Adira has to discover who they are in order to not only help Discovery but to help themselves as well.  As Adria tries to find themselves and join with the memories of their ‘squid’, Saru attempts to find a way to help the crew cope with their new lives in the extreme future. Neither journey is an easy one but that is what this episode is really about, finding connections with yourself and those around you.

Is it a ‘Good’ Episode? (Some spoilers here)

So far, this is one of the finest episodes of this season, if not the entire series.  More of a stand alone story with subtle but important connections to the overarching tale, Forget Me Not hits on every emotional level showing us that Discovery is a very special series.  When I said that the episode was about making connections, I mean that in both the physical and metaphysical way. You see, both Adira and the crew of Discovery need to find a way to connect and this episode begins that journey for all of them and that journey is a wonderous one.

Let’s start with Adira, Adira is a human/Trill hybrid which, after Riker’s brief time having the same experience on STNG, we know that such a thing should not be possible.   Somehow, Adira has managed keep the symbiont alive but has no access to it’s memories or past selves.  This brings Adira much anguish, plus she may have some vital information, so she agrees to journey to the planet Trill in order to finally join with their ‘squid’.  This joining becomes a journey of it’s own where both Adira and Burnham discover the secrets of Adira’s tragic past while also discovering who this person really is. I won’t spoil it here but wow…it is a touching story that will probably bring tears to your eyes.   

This part of the story would never be possible without the tremendous abilities of newcomer Blu Del Bario.  Blu is a tremendous actor who is quickly becoming one of my favorites on the series.  Their ability to potray an old soul is incredible especially when their character’s past is finally revealed.  I have a feeling that Adira will become one of my favorite Trill’s that could only be rivaled by Dax herself. We also meet someone important to Adira who is played by Ian Alexander. You might recognize Ian from his role in the hit game The Last Of Us 2. I never realized that his likeness was used in the game as well!

The other connections being made are with the members of the crew of Discovery.  While they may have all agreed to journey into the future, the stress and anxiety they are going through is not something any of them were remotely prepared for.  This becomes more and more apparent as Doctor Culber inspects the crew’s health and determines, these folks need some connection of their own.  It is soon up to Saru to find a way to not only Captain a ship, but to be the unifying force for a crew who no longer have the home they once knew.   As this is Saru’s first command, he soon discovers that this is not as easy as Captain Pike made it appear to be.

Overall, this episode is  a tremendous one, one that dives deeply into the characters themselves in ways that many series don’t get a chance to.  We get an opportunity to see the soft and raw sides of each of these characters providing a foundation that this season promises to grow on.  I am beyond excited to see what is build on it. 

Gleanings, Questions and cool bits: (bigger spoilers here)

  • Someone claims that no human has ever joined with a Trill…it seems they may have forgotten their history.  Riker anyone?
  • When Saru asks the ship’s computer for assistance in helping the crew, we get the first moments of it’s future Sentience that was seen in the Short Treks Episode Calypso.   It seems that the Orb data download has made a few connections of their own.
  • We finally get a chance to see the Trill Symbiont connection from within the Trill joining itself.  It is a perspective we have never seen before and it was pretty incredible.  Adira has some deep wounds with the events that caused their joining and we are privy to those moments and more giving us a deep connection of our own with this new character.  
  • We learn that The Trill are no longer a part of the Federation, but it seems there may be hope for a rejoining there as well.
  • It seems that Tal only had six previous hosts before Adira so this Trill is not very old considering.  400-600 years max so possibly pre Burn but certainly post Picard era.  I wonder what they know that will help this crew out in the future?
  • Also, why can Adira Tal see and interact with their former boyfriend Grey Tal as if he was really there? Most Trill can only access memories, not actually sit and talk to their past selves…this is going to be interesting for sure.
  • Speculation time.  From the sound of it, the Federation has become more of a specter than the formidable leader it once was.  I wonder if they have become more like the Romulans in their defeat, hiding and building an Empire as they wait to return to the universe at large. It looks like next week we may find out…

Until then, as usual, some fun shots of next week’s episode below!

Thanks for reading the SciFi TV Review,  I look forward to discussing the rest of the series with you! Some teasers of next weeks episode below!

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Late To The Game 10/15/2020

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One thought on “Scifi TV Review: Star Trek Discovery Season Three Episode Four: Forget Me Not

  1. It really was a great episode! Definitely when it comes to emotions. So many feels in this episode, and outstanding character moments, that I almost don’t even know who to give credit to the most. Like you I have always become a fan of Adira’s character. She’s going to become even better as the series progresses, but I also thought the entire cast did a great job if you ask me. So far this season has been great, and I’m looking forward to finding out more about what’s happened to the federation itself! 😊

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