Do you remember the old Feature Films for Families mail order films on VHS?  With films like The Butter Cream Gang, Picture Perfect, Split Infinity and animated offerings such as Willy the Sparrow? These hold a special place in my heart as they are a reminder of some of the more pleasant moments of my childhood. When one of these tapes would arrive, the entire family would gather around the television for another saccharine sweet film that had everything any parent in the late 80’s, 90’s could want for their kids.  

Today’s film reminds me so much of these classic films and, while that might turn some folks away, I have to say, it might be worth your time if you are a parent looking for something out of the norm for your kids.

The Story

A group of teens are forced to get summer jobs but decide to try to enjoy their summer by coming up with easy ways to make cash including an impromptu yard sale, entering contests and, of course, hunting for a lost treasure.  Starring Jaz Goodreau, Quinn McColgan and Cameron Ocasio, as the teens, Project Pay Day brings it all back to the classic summer fun film.

But, is it any good?

This one is about as far out of my taste as you can get these days. As you probably know by reading my blog, I am much more interested in horror, scifi and the like.  However, sometimes its good to get out of your comfort zone and that is what I did with this movie.    

Project Pay Day is sickeningly sweet, but honestly, that is part of it’s charm.  While I would never have watched this one on my own, I am happy it came across my desk so that I could tell you about it.  There is a goofy innocence this movie brings to the table that somehow worms it’s way into your heart even though it is filled to the brim with the classic Family Films Tropes of old.  Innocent Kids?  Check. Coming of Age Story?  Check.  Good Parents? Check. and so on… However, even with these tropes firmly in place, Project Pay Day somehow combines them to form a well produced and impressively performed film that is not at all unwatchable. In a way, Director Greg Koorhan has created a movie that fully celebrates those tropes while also bringing back the fond memories of those old films.  Honestly, if you stripped out the modern technology and drop this one onto a VHS, it would fit beautifully next to The Buttercream Gang and Split Infinity.

While this isn’t really my kind of film these days,  I can’t deny that Project Pay Day is a truly enjoyable, fun family feature that hits all the right notes. The beauty of it is, this is an absolutely safe movie that frankly you can show your entire family without any concern at all.  So, if you want a fun, safe and wholesome film for your kids to watch, well, grab a copy of Project Pay Day on Apple TV and Amazon today.  

Thanks for reading!

Late To The Game 7/27/2020

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