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Captain Jean Luc Picard. We have gotten to know the Captain fairly well over the past three years but who is he in his down time? Does he even take any down time? Find out on Captain’s Holiday which originally aired on April 2, 1990.

The Episode:

Stardate 43745.2: Captain’s Holiday

After a long arduous negotiation, Captain Picard is ordered by Doctor Crusher to take a much needed vacation. Unfortunately, as things go with Picard, his Vacation isn’t all what it is cracked up to be.

The Breakdown:

holiday 2
Greetings Picard!

After much cajoling and the threat of meeting up with Lwaxana Troi, Picard finally agrees to go take a vacation on the pleasure planet of Risa. As the Enterprise continues on to Starbase 12 for general maintenance, Picard is beamed down but not before Riker asks Picard to bring him back a Horga’hn. As soon as Picard arrives he meets and is kissed by Vash (who looks to be hiding from a Ferengi). Meanwhile, two aliens watch him carefully.

Soon a Ferengi encounters Picard and harasses Picard about a disc and the woman only for Picard to run him off. Just after the Ferengi leaves, Vash reappears.. After they talk, Vash introduces herself and, despite Picard’s attempt to ignore her, she doesn’t take no for an answer. Soon the Ferengi encounters them both and Vash secretly slips the disc the Ferengi wants into Picard’s pocket.

holiday 5
We come from France.

Picard returns to his room only to find a pair of Vorgons from the 27th century who indicate they are there to find Picard. They are searching for a legendary device called the Tox Uthat. They believe that Picard will find this device and they indicate that, when he finds it, he is to give it to them. They leave and Picard finds a disc in his pocket.

Picard visits Vash to ask about the disc and the Tox Uthat. She indicates that she worked with a professor who was studying the ancient device and the Ferengi is after both her and the device. Picard and Vash team up to find the Tox Uthat before the Ferengi does and agree to explore the nearby ruins together. For the first time, it seems Picard is actually enjoying his vacation. The Ferengi shows up again and attacks them but they manage to escape. After defeating the Ferengi, Picard and Vash continue on to find the dig site where the Uthat is believed to be located. They spend the night together in the cave and they find themselves getting along well.

holiday 6
really well…

The next morning they arrive at the dig site and, due to scanner issues, they begin to dig for the Uthat. The Vorgons appear an just as they begin talking about their presence, the Ferengi appears and forces Picard and Vash to dig at gunpoint. His intention is that he will claim the Uthat for himself. They dig for hours but do not find the treasure. Giving up, Picard and Vash tell the Ferengi that it is not there despite his protests contrary to this. The Vorgon leave and the Ferengi begins digging for himself, demanding that it is indeed there. Picard and Vash part ways and, when Picard gets back to his room he is contacted by the Enterprise. He asks Riker to prepare Transporter Code 14 and then intercepts Vash as she attempts to leave with the Uthat. It turns out that Vash had already found the Tox Uthat and had hidden it away. The dig was just to get the Ferengi off her trail. She had intended on selling the device to the Daystrom Institute and soon the Vorgon appear to claim the Uthat.

holiday 7

The Vorgons attack Picard and Vash to claim the Uthat Picard realizes that they are not who they seem to be. Using Transporter Code 14, he destroys the Uthat and the Vorgons leave.

Picard returns to his ship, rested and ready for more adventures.

Is this a ‘Good’ Episode:

Once again we get a chance for another Picard Episode. So far this season we have had a chance to really explore the background and personal histories of several of the characters but Picard still has remained a bit of a mystery. The previous episode gave us a chance to explore more of Picard the Starfleet Officer, this one gives us a chance to explore Picard the Person. Until now we have yet to see Jean Luc Picard with his shields down and it is indeed a delight.

More Indiana Jones adventure than sci-fi jaunt, we get to see more of Picard’s love of Archaeology and and adventure than ever before. Plus we get to finally see Picard have a real romantic interest that we get to see again later in the series. This episode also allows us to see that his crew wants the best for him, recognizing that he is pushing himself too hard.

On another note, the writers probably thought it was important for viewers to get to know Picard better by the end of this season. Something big in Picards life is coming and they really needed to establish how respected and likable he is to his crew. These past two episodes really nails this home giving us a great chance to get to know Jean Luc Picard.

It is a great exploration of Picard’s character and, in that, it is a pretty fun episode.

Gleanings and Cool Bits:

Riker must have a Player’s Guide to the Galaxy. This guy knows where every place in the galaxy where the women are. He even ends up annoying Troi with his talk of the Women of Risa. Simply put, Riker is a dog.

holiday 3
Picard doesn’t want your Jamaharon dammit.

Riker’s request of a Horga’hn turns out to be a way to try and get Picard some action on Risa. Apparently it is a fertility statue and it indicates that Picard is available for jamaharon. Needless to say, it seems jamaharon is the last thing that Picard was interested in, until Vash came along that is.

We never see or hear from the Vorgons again.

Vash returns in a later episode but this time she is not alone…

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Late To The Game 10/6/2019 (Originally Published 6/1/2018)

holiday 4
Weapons are not permitted on Risa but I think Picard was smuggling a type one Phaser.

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