Debuting on the new Disney Plus streaming service, The Mandalorian is the first live action Star Wars television series, it takes place after the fall of the Empire but some years before The First Order, allowing for some major time to grow new characters away from the movie franchise itself. The Mandalorian is centered around a bounty hunter armed in Mandalorian armor who’s name and face so far we have not seen. We know Mandalorian armor is sprinkled throughout the Star Wars series as seen on characters such as Boba Fett and Jango Fett. Although we do not know too much about this particular line, some key details to keep in mind about the Mandalorian are their origin from the planet Mandalore, and their reputation as esteemed warriors and their armor is considered sacred, handed down by generations- fingers crossed, we’ll learn a little bit more about them throughout this riveting series.  The series is set to air eight episodes, the first of which premiered with the unveiling of Disney Plus, and has left many Star Wars fans (myself included) very impressed and excited to see where the show takes us. 

Now let’s take a look at the latest episode. *Warning : Spoilers Ahead*

Episode 5 : The Breakdown

After a nasty face off in space, The Mandalorian and his child need to make an emergency landing on the familiar planet of Tatooine. Upon arrival, he leaves the sleeping child on this ship at the docking bay and seeks work on the planet to pay for his repairs- which is where he evidently runs into a new bounty hunter by the name of Toro Calican on a quest to enter the Guild. While out and about, the baby Yoda awakens and shows himself to the repair crew who act a babysitters while Mando is off helping the young hunter who he decided to make a deal with.

Along their journey to find their bounty, the two of them must negotiate with Tusken Raiders, and spend the majority of the night staking out their target- until finally they strike. After the epic capture, The Mandalorian sets off to find a ride back, leaving the young hunter with the bounty who he ultimately kills (or attempts to kill-this we are still unsure of) with the discovery that The Mandalorian himself will be worth much more to the Guild than her. This leads to a showdown at the docking bay, where baby Yoda’s life is yet again put at stake, and we get to see The Mandalorian’s (very) quick thinking.

Episode 5 : Easter Eggs

This episode was full of Easter Eggs- mainly relating to Luke Skywalker. Taking a look at the setting itself, the planet they landed on was the home of young Luke Skywalker, Tatooine. In addition to this, although it may have looked different- the cantina Mando walked into looking for work was the same one which Old Ben and Luke bargained for passage to the Alderaan System. The Tusken Raiders are a reference back to A New Hope, the scene in this episode is very similar to that of Luke first seeing them through his own binoculars. You may have also noticed the storm trooper helmets that decorate the streets of the planet, symbolizing the defeat of the Galactic Empire in the Outer Rim. Something small that also stood out was Mando’s insistency on no droids- potentially having to do with the murders of his parents by droids.

Episode 5 : Closing Remarks

I loved all of the references to Luke Skywalker in this, especially seeing as in the next two weeks Rise of Skywalker is coming out. Overall, I thought this episode had the most western feel to it so far, between the face off with the young bounty hunter, the sand dunes, and the fight in space- it all tied together nicely. I of course loved seeing more of baby Yoda, who in this episode we heard vocally (although still just grunts and cries) much more from than we have in previous episodes. My favorite parts of this episode were the easter eggs they placed all around, if there is one thing this show as a whole has proven to us, it’s that it really fits in well with the Star War’s universe- it takes us through a separate story that still coincides with all the original movies and shows which I really appreciate. Yet again, we are left with another open ending at the conclusion of Chapter 5, and I cannot wait to see where it takes us.

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Late to The Game 12/10/19

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One thought on “The Mandalorian Chapter 5 :The Gunslinger

  1. This show has certainly been a very pleasant surprise. Being a huge Star Wars fan, I’m highly enjoying it and it’s certainly one of the best things to come out since Disney took over the franchise. Definitely looking forward to the rest of the season. Great post! 😊


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